General Reasons Why Employees Are Not Insured

General Reasons Why Employees Are Not Insured

Insurance is one form of investment that has been done in many developed countries. People in developed countries tend to put their money where they can benefit. Although they are also saving money to make money. Insurance is chosen for a variety of profitable reasons ranging from collateral to old-age investments that are prepared early on.

Investment by using insurance is also said to be more minimal loss because the benefits will be felt when we need every time. But people in developing countries are not too many who rely on insurance as a form of investment. Well the reason why these reasons are common why employees have not been insured is as follows.

General Reasons Why Employees Are Not Insured

Feeling Revenue Still Less

The reason employees are not yet insured is to feel that income is still lacking and they have to pay insurance. Whereas the insurance premium paid is their own savings. In addition, of course, insurance will guarantee misfortune that could be detrimental to employees such as spending more money. So the reason that income is still insufficient is not really a reason to consider future plans such as guarantee of safety.

Not Interested Interested in Investing

The reason the two employees have not been insured is not yet interested in investing. They still rely on savings as a means to support their lives. Though insurance, as one form of investment, provides benefits in the form of health care products if sick until the guarantee if there is a work accident that would definitely affect the financial savings of employees.

Feeling No Insurance Required

Furthermore from the reason employees have not been insured is feeling no insurance. This is still related to previous points that may still rely on savings funds for the needs. The reasons are reinforced if employees feel young and do not need health insurance. Though misfortune because of health problems are not always attacking the aged employees only.

Choosing To Save Conventional

Saving conventionally does not hurt. Everyone has the right to prepare for financial endurance in various ways. But the insight into insurance is often misunderstood as spending. Though insurance premium payment also includes you saving which your funds are developed through insurance companies so that you benefit through these benefits.

Just Start Working

Just starting a job is indeed the reason most uninsured employees are found. Insurance has many products ranging from health, work accident especially for employees, as well as up to vehicle insurance. For those of you who are just working to become an employee would be better to have basic insurance such as accidents to health. The reason? It certainly guarantees you while working in the company of the misfortunes of misfortune that may happen in the future.

The Company Does not Off

The reason that is also the reason employees have not been insured is that the company has not or does not offer. The company is required to offer insurance in the form of safety guarantee even if only from the government. But it would be better also if the employee has other insurance from the private sector that could be the result of cooperation with your company or indeed you independently and collectively apply for insurance on the provider of employee insurance services. Thus, any misfortunes that may occur in the future can be reduced impact because of the guarantee of the insurance is ready to help you.

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